Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for May 1

Glitch Cat by Torley on Flickr

Glitch Cat by Torley on Flickr

Hacky Friday, kittens! We’ve had a couple of days off to wrestle with tawdry IRL concerns, and we could not be happier to be back where we belong, in our mother’s basement, working on our monitor tans. We have far too much news to catch up on, but here are some highlights to take you into the weekend and ensure that you’ve got enough scary hacker stories up your sleeve to make you the jaw-dropping hit of any weekend get together.

Grooveshark grooveth no more. After a solid decade of thumbing its nose at the recording industry, it officially apologized, handed over all its music files, and shut down. If you’ve got a Grooveshark account, you can bet your IP was in that bundle of files too. RIP, Grooveshark is in the heart (TorrentFreak)

Hottest new crime in America? Bearing witness. Baltimore police have arrested the man who filmed the Freddie Gray arrest, along with two members of Cop Watch. (CounterCurrentNews)

Canadians can be pirates! It’s official! Industry Canada confirms that American copyright troll notices demanding payments are not illegal, but are unenforceable (Metro)

One American Indian band may pay off all of Alabama’s debt, in exchange for a state-wide exclusive gaming license. Isn’t this the plot of Ocean’s 14? (YellowHammerNews)

The Drone Age has reached adolescence: first Drone Graffiti has been sighted in NYC (Wired)

Free Speech means free: Charlie Hebdo writer speaks out, as PEN kerfuffle artistes whine, “But why do we have to defend their right to free speech when we really don’t like what they say?” (NYT)

Download of the Day: All the President’s Psychologists. Inside the CIA’s pet torture shrink program

The super-secret RCMP harassment case that involves Prime Minister Stephen Harper…only nobody is saying exactly how or why (HuffPo)

Your Facebook Login Is NOT Removed; email targets FB users, gets them to install malware on their computers. Don’t fall for it (HackRead)

Buy Now! For a small, one-time payment Kevin Mitnick himself will hack the hell out of your company. And it used to cost you … nothing at all! And him about three years. #FreeKevin! (Mitnick)

Hand hacking: Hacker implants cattle tracking chip, walks through airport security to prove how easy it would be to “biosmuggle” hacking tools (Gizmodo)

Baltimore held over 100, including press, more than twice the legal length of time, then let them go without charges. Says they may yet charge them, they just haven’t decided (Gawker)

Canadian hacker/troll hybrid arrested for using RAT to switch on peoples’ webcams and freak them out. Uploads the freakouts to YouTube, like a complete moron, gets arrested. (BusinessInsider)

The absolutely most clueless article on hackers you will read this week. No, really. Go on, look at it. It’s the Torygraph, though, it was probably dictated to a scribe who write it using a quill pen. (Telegraph)

Drone documentary looks at warfare’s frightening future. But really, we saw this in that Star Trek episode with the bloodless war, didn’t we? (Straight)

China clicks “Unlike” on Facebook. Great Firewall now 10% greater, blocks any page with a Like button. Whoopsie. (Krebs)

How one tweet wiped $8 billion off Twitter’s value. Not quite as costly as the Snowden leaks, but up there (Slashdot)

The Chilling Effect in the first person: Mass surveillance: Journalists confront the moment of hesitation (IndexOnCensorship)

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