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Baltimore April 26, 2015

Baltimore April 26, 2015 by The Real Segun Idowu on Twitter

Is Baltimore still there? Keep refreshing your Google Earth to make sure, kittens; it’s at the stage where anything could happen, and probably will be caught on camera when it does.


Yes, dude, you might just be a racist if you’re burning a bucket of KFC in response to the Baltimore riots. So might a lot of those 190,000 people who shared your Facebook rant. Also, nice cosplay. (Facebook)

UK anti-Pirate Bay blockade censors all Cloudflare customers. Again. The UK is rapidly becoming the single greatest exporter of censorship in the EU. (TorrentFreak)

Bedrock billionaire has a state of the art surveillance system…installed without permission, on buildings he does not own. He also has a hate on for the citizen journalists who revealed it to the world (MotorCityMuckraker)

Laws censoring the media from reporting on spy programs have a “chilling effect” on journalism as a whole. Well, duh. That’s sort of what it’s designed to do; that’s not blowback, it’s THE WHOLE POINT (Guardian)

How to encrypt your laptop like you mean it: what it does protect, what it doesn’t protect, and no, don’t put your encryption key on a post it note on the keypad (TheIntercept)

TOR 4.5 has been released! Security improvements, User Interface improvements, and presumably now with n% fewer feddies in your nodes! (TorProject)

Strategy vs Tactics: Defenders think in lists, attackers think in graphs, and as long as this is true the defenders are screwed. Remember that scene in Star Trek, the Wrath of Khan, where Kirk realizes Khan is thinking two-dimensionally? You got it. (TechNet)

Surveillance forces journalists to think and act like spies. But dude, DUDE! That’s why I got into this business in the first place: for the trenchcoat!!! (CPJ)

Jade Helm meets tinfoil helmet as Army spokesman meets with anxious Texans who don’t quite understand how “private land” works. (RawStory)

The Long Ride to Freedom: stories from a prison bus depot (NPR)

From funeral to riot: Seven hours in Baltimore (Gawker)

When things aren’t going well for your police department in the PR wars lately, tackle and arrest some nearby photographers, because that always ends well. (BaltimoreSun)

Well, this isn’t creepy at all: could virtual reality bring your loved ones back from the dead? Team this up with the dildo full of ashes and it’s almost like having them there! (TechRadar)

Once again, Tesla is conquered. There’s now a cure for Tesla ransomware, so you don’t have to fork over to decrypt your files (GeekRepublic)

Guise? Guise? Even the venerable left-centrist Atlantic has come out for the revolution, more or less, in the article called Nonviolence is Compliance (TheAtlantic)

Relevant to Baltimore: Domestic Terrorism, Youth, and the Politics of Disposability. Did you know the cops have an expression, “the self-cleaning oven” for areas they don’t want to go into. They patrol the perimeter and if someone gets out, they put him back in. Without police and government intervention in these “kettled” areas, violence escalates until eventually everyone who will die of violence has. That’s how the self-cleaning oven works. We can see it at work in Baltimore right now. (PhilosophersForChange)

What if NONE of it’s working? (TheWeek)

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  1. Okay? Thugs using any excuse to commit crimes. That’s all I see, other than an excuse to begin Marshal Law.


  2. Yip.
    You also have to consider disinformation that is being promoted as truth, which of course is just the opposite.


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