Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 24

Exploration of the Source of the Orinoco River by Remedios Varo via LES ENFANTS DE MARX ET DE COCA-COLA on Tumblr

Exploration of the Source of the Orinoco River by Remedios Varo via LES ENFANTS DE MARX ET DE COCA-COLA on Tumblr

We made it to Friday, kittens, by the skin of our teeth and the sweat of our brow and the duke of our earl and where were we?

It’s been a long week.

We won’t prolong it any more than we have to, so without further ado, delay, and procrastination, we present your final link roundup of this week!

Considering a career as a spook? Here’s your interview prep checklist: 8 attributes of an effective intel officer. And if you’re going for bonus points, you’ll get me the number of the guy on the right in that picture (Sofrep)

From the It’s Not The Onion Files: Need a hitman? There’s an app for that. (WantChinaTimes)

The Moscow Rules are, unsurprisingly, quite dissimilar to the Cider House rules, which is really only to be expected, given the differences between the life of an American spy in the Russia of Vladimir Putin and that of a pure-hearted orphan abortionist in the Maine woods. But they are interesting, and you should read them. (BusinessInsider)

Ain’t no party like a CryptoParty! Monday, April 27 is CryptoHarlem, and it’s being coordinated on that most bulletproof of onion sites: (

Germany will not stand for your spying, NSA! It will do its own, thankyouverymuch, and pass on the reports to you, if that’s okay. So…that’s what freedom looks like, eh? (HAX)

Portable USB floppy disk drives work with Android. Now I’m off to see if you can get it to play Dark Castle on the phone…

#DramaSec, Level Three: Clone Zone is the perfect way to build completely fake websites and freak out all the people in your company’s IT department. “Hey, I was looking at the website and…lemme send you a screenshot. Is that guy holding a strawberry danish up to his butt or what is that?” (Motherboard)

So flounce! Much butthurt. Very quit. Dogecoin founder leaves the cryptocurrency world, citing toxic culture. Bonus Rand Paul reference. (CoinDesk)

The Return of the Lulz: when the Lulzboat sank with the arrests of most of the crew (#FuckSabu!) the world lost a great treasure. The swashbuckling derring-do and no-fucks-to-givery of LulzSec was an inspiration to a generation of hacktivists. Isn’t it time we got back to the lulz? (AnonIntelGroup)

Remember that “Cyber-security” bill? Yeah, that’s permission to spy on you. It’s so cute, that they even tried to obfuscate (Shhhcretly)

Are you a black hat ransomware extortionist with a strong line in “Give us your Bitcoins or your database gets wiped?” Well, you’re probably looking at the price of Bitcoin and wishing you’d gotten into GMO futures instead. What’s a dark market crimelord to do when the cryptocurrency he’s tied his whole career to is tanking? (TheRegister)

So, the gubmint is all, “encryption is for crooks! encryption bad!” and by the way, leave the back door unlocked and Google and Facebook are all, “what’s your problem, man? encryption good!” and, like, no. (MIT)

Breaking down the Webroot Threat Report: Trojans are big, yes, you’ve fallen for phishing, you’re 30% likely to have been 0-day’d last year, and more super-happy news (HelpNet)

Breaking down the Verizon Threat Report: to three takeaways. That’s some summarizing! (Cyveillance)

Well, let’s just let Glenn Greenwald explain this one, shall we: (TheIntercept)

Paul Hardcastle releases a new PTSD remix of his original song “19”. Here is the trailer:

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