Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 9

Edward Snowden Hologram via Occupy Wall Street on Twitter

Edward Snowden Hologram via Occupy Wall Street on Twitter

We’re baaaaaaack! After chasing a couple of stories far too hard we are back, with all the cyber news that IS cyber news and also buzzwords, hashtags, and jargon to boot! D’oh, I always forget to put the keywords in the first sentence. Oh well, to the news!

The Making of a Norwegian Jihadi Crew (NYT)

Top Ten Reasons Not to Cooperate With CSIS (PeoplesCommission)

Hackers Can’t Solve Surveillance (@Dmytri)

Contrarian o’ the Day: No, Chelsea Manning is NOT on Twitter (OhTarzie)

Was Albrecht Durer a Steganographer? (AlbrechtDurerBlog)

Anonabox Analysis (ReclaimYourPrivacy)

IBM Unearths Sophisticated Bank Transfer Scam (TND)

Music Leaker Sued by Record Labels (TorrentFreak)

The Patriot Act: it can just end now (Guardian)

Blocking Great Firewall Attacks from China (CPJ)

Redaction Poetry and Overclassification at the National Archives (NSArchives)

Judge Shoots Down ‘FOIA Terrorist’ Jason Leopold; Says ‘Panetta Review’ Documents Can Be Withheld In Full (TechDirt)

The FBI Finally Issues Warning about Team System DZ Pro-ISIS Attacks (FBI)

“Bruce Willis:” In Case Hackers Ever Steal My Private Photos, Let Me Prepare You For What My Penis Looks Like (Clickhole)

Confessions of a Hyena Journalist (Newsweek)

How the NYT Gets Around Chinese Censorship (Poynter)

How Edward Snowden Unwittingly Killed a Mass-Surveillance Program (NationalJournal)

The Tale of an Anti-Poacher Advisor (and her haters) (TacticalShit)

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