Tweets o’ the Day: Daily #Sabu vs #Anonymous

Daily Sabu get out of jail free via @DailySabu on Twitter

Daily Sabu get out of jail free via @DailySabu on Twitter

Well, @DailySabu vs Anonymous and AntiSec and LulzSec and everything beautiful or decent in this world.

Which is why it’s so wonderfully, marvelously, deliciously awful.

With only 214 followers, @DailySabu is one of the more recherché satirical accounts on Twitter.

Sabu, now going by his civilian name Hector Xavier Monsegur, was once de facto leader of the Anonymous breakaway hacker crews LulzSec and AntiSec. It later emerged (after the arrest of most of the participants of those crews) that he’d been working for the FBI for most of that time, not only informing on his cohort, but actively directing them to commit crimes the FBI ordered, as Jeremy Hammond made clear at his sentencing hearing.

Over the weekend a Vine emerged featuring Sabu in a hot tub yelling “Fuck Anonymous” as ex-Vice journalist Dan Stuckey looks on, laughing. It’s propelled itself to the top of the hate-click mountain, with nearly 48,000 views in three days. Stuckey’s friend (and co-worker on The Sabu Files) Dell Cameron was not in the video, being several thousand miles away at SXSW, but reports that he’s getting death threats anyway.

Well, Anonymous has always preferred a shotgun to a dagger.

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  1. what’s your point or are you a fan just advertizing it or f ing what butt hole


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