What’s the big deal about Hillary using her personal email at work?

In case you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, it’s the difference between a private individual’s right to privacy and a government employee’s right to keep their work a secret. It’s CLEARLY an attempt to circumvent disclosure law. But of course, the NSA probably has it all. Let’s ask them for a copy.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew scrutiny Monday night for a New York Times report that detailed a lack of transparency during her time as secretary of state. According to the report, Clinton used a personal email address exclusively for communicating with department officials, leading to questions about whether she complied with federal law and whether it was a major security mishap.

Clinton’s record as secretary of state was already under the spotlight in the past week. Last Wednesday, reports emerged that foreign governments donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while she was in the position.

The new revelations could add to the perception that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have not been fully transparent about their dealings despite pledging to form a more transparent federal government in 2008.

However, there is some precedent — the State Department said current Secretary of State John…

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