Encryption for Beginners: Presented by Feminist Hacker Barbie

Hacker Manifesto Barbie

Hacker Manifesto Barbie

Soooo much better than the (sexist, condescending) Mattel version; Feminist Hacker Barbie is the Barbie of our time. Here, our icon leads us through a quick, but easy to follow, introduction to the basic principles and uses of encryption, as well as some of the philosophy behind the Digital Rights movement. The video has only had 101 clicks, which, if we lived in a just society, would be punishable by forcing everyone who didn’t click it to use machine language. That’s a hacker joke. No, seriously. Funny.

Would I lie to you? Laugh, god damn you!

Barbie’s language is, true to hacker style, NSFW, so use headphones!

We wouldn’t be properly servicey if we didn’t include the tome she references, Jolly Roger’s Security Guide for Beginners. It’s thorough, but keep in mind that anything written about the online realm is out of date as soon as it is published; it’s a great foundation, though. As for the ominous-sounding Grugq, well, he’s pretty hardcore, but at the same time accessible. How accessible? He has a Tumblr, and a Twitter account, that’s how accessible.

Now go forth. Go forth and access. Securely. Look, if Glenn Greenwald can learn this stuff, so can you.

Featured Image via chronos on Tumblr

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  1. I SO love barbie…


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