Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for November 7

Seraph Gin and Vodka Angel of Mercy

Seraph Gin and Vodka Angel of Mercy

TGIF, kittens! Just think, some day when the world is fair and just and your (space) ship has come in and we’re all working two hour days and farting around on Fark the rest of the time, we’ll all have naked steampunk booze robot butlers to wait on us hand and foot.

Meet the Private Space Whiz Who’s Blasting Virgin Galactic (WarIsBoring)

From the Department of Cool Shit: Students Link Brains to Fire Video Game Cannon (SingularityHub)

Samuel L. Jackson is the internet’s spirit animal (TheAtlantic) [mine is the Oxford Comma]

My evil dad: Life as a serial killer’s daughter (BBC)

Reviewing the psychology of Stalin (LiteraryReview)

How banning felons from voting affected the midterms, in one chart (Vox)

The 4chan Murderer: not just creepypasta anymore! (TheRegister)

Three arrests fail to staunch mystery of drones flying over French nuclear plants (Guardian)

New Online Ebola Alert Tool is Anything But (MalwareBytes)

Bitcoin Ponzi Schemer Charged With Criminal Securities Fraud (Coindesk)

Dick Cheney, watch your back. And your front. And your bluetooth. (Techworm)

The NSA is a sharing organization. Sorta. (Threatpost)



Featured image of Seraph Gin and Vodka display by Central City Brewers and Distillers on Facebook. PS: their IPA is the BEST!


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