Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for November 6

murder kitten

murder kitten

Happy Thursday, kittens! We at the Cryptosphere have some news for you (geddit?). We’ve just been accepted by Google News, so we’ll be playing with the Big Boys now and will be much, much less likely to have cause for butthurtness when, say, we’re the first North American outlet to cover a story and not one of the subsequent stories so much as refers to us. Oh, golly, we’re so over that!

You know what’s the best revenge, kittens? Links. Shit-tons of news links! We don’t remember who told us that but he sure talked like he knew a thing or two, and that’s good enough for us.

But then, we have low standards.

EXCEPT FOR NEWS! So here it is.

MUST READ: War, Interrupted: from Prisoners to Rulers Part II (WarOnTheRocks)

Julian Assange headed back to court tomorrow (WikiLeaks)

Apple Products Are Under Attack By A Vicious New Malware Called ‘WireLurker’ (BusinessInsider)

Five questions for the woman running the Pentagon’s mad science research agency (Engadget)

Safety in Journalism: Closing the Risk Gap (Ochre)

Still spamming after all these years (Krebs)

What emerging technology will most redefine what it means to be human? (SingularityHub)

An Electronic Archipelago of Domestic Surveillance (TomDispatch)

Yes, American Commandos Are Still in The Philippines (WarIsBoring)

British still paying for that whole “Empire” business (Dealbreaker)

Democracy is “way too hard” (Vox)

How murderers use Facebook ( … it’s not how you think) (WaPo)

Murder suspect on personal jihad may have been groomed in Seattle barber shop (FoxNews)

Court Says By Agreeing To AOL’s Terms Of Service, You’ve ‘Consented’ To Search By Law Enforcement (TechDirt)

Generation gap hampers efforts to direct Occupy protests in Hong Kong (EyeOnOccupy)

158 new malware created EVERY MINUTE (TheRegister)

New technique makes phishing sites easier to create, more difficult to spot (HelpNet)

Putin’s Pal Timchenko Faces US Money Laundering Probe (WealthX)

How to radicalize a billionaire (NYMag)

US is calling the shots behind the scenes in Yemen (ABC)

Surveillance Is Not Enough To Prevent Shootings (USNews)




Featured Image “Onion Article ‘Kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day long'” by Vilseskogen on Flickr

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  1. Well Congrats on moving up in the world – job well done


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