Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for November 3

AnonCoffee. Up and at the barricades!

AnonCoffee. Up and at the barricades!

Happy Monday, kittens! Did you enjoy your haunted weekend? Did you enjoy it too much and are still being visited by the Ghost of Scotches Past? Never fear, we’re here with a stiff dose of refreshing news links to start your week off with coherence and blessedly silent reading. Put the headphones on: we don’t have any music for you, but it’ll stop people from talking to you until you’re ready. Sip your AnonCaffe and settle in. We’ve got you covered.

Save weev! With your money! (Patreon)

PHR Calls for Federal Probe into American Psychological Association’s Role in CIA Torture Program (PhyiciansForHumanRights)

Go to Cyberschool! (NationalScienceFoundation)

People Are Unwittingly Turning Their Homes Into “Big Brother Houses” (PrivacyOnlineNews)

France stages monumental cyber-attack as ‘Snowden syndrome’ takes hold (LeaderPost)

Recognizing and Avoiding Snitches (Punkrocklibertarians)

TriCk of TeamP0isoN wants a $6,000 car to sell out Jihadi John (DailyMail) (and that’s the kind of headline you get for talking to the Daily Mail instead of me, TriCk :P )

Feds who create fake Facebook profiles charge dating sites who create fake profiles (CNN)

Meet the Feds in charge of naming bank robbers (MSN)

The 50th Anniversary of New York’s Most Sensational Jewel Heist (VanityFair)

The Amazons of the dark net (Economist)

Attack campaign infects industrial control systems with BlackEnergy malware (CSOOnline)

Scientist deliberately pirates art on a nanoscopic scale (TorrentFreak)

The Merrill Lynch Murderer caught in Hong Kong (Guardian)

Barrett Brown reviews book about (largely) Barrett Brown. Is not pleased (Frontburner)


Featured Image via Jim Poland on Twitter

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