Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 22

Streetcar by Stephen Rees

Streetcar by Stephen Rees

Happy hump day, kittens! We made it safe and sound to a new base of operations in deepest, darkest Kitsilano and are reporting live from our bunker overlooking … well, pretty much all of Vancouver. So if the Gore-Tex vs Polarfleece wars heat up we will be in the thick of the action, ready to file breaking news on site in David Lam Park.

But until they do, here are some links to keep you busy!

Don’t send your Secret Service detail to troll your neighbors (OIG)

Biometrics to kill off the spy (BreakingDefense)

The Real Cyborgs (TheTelegraph)

Ebola-fightin’ droids (DefenseOne)

Putting more Reality in your Virtual (MIT)

Phone phreaks cost companies billions by making all their calls long-distance (HelpNet)

DEFSMAC: NSA’s Missile and Space Launch Warning and Reporting Center (NationalSecurityArchive)

Revenge Porn now gets you two years in the UK (TheRegister)

In the 1970s, women were making big gains in computer science. Then they fell behind. (Vox)

Property destruction as an effective protest tool (RollingStone)

Abe Lincoln, spinmeister (NYReviewOfBooks)

The Umbrella Revolution WILL Be Televised, in Debates (NYT)

New York Fed Was Told To Look Into London Whale Office In 2009, Decided To Take Long Lunch Instead (Dealbreaker)

Wearing Ball Caps: What you need to know (America’sNavy)

Detecting the Fickle Finger of Fake (HSToday)

ISIS to its Twitter Army: STFU already! (DailyMail)

Beer! Pong! Kills! (TSG)

Heroin blamed in Google prostitute murder case (CNBC)

Photos: The battle for Kobane, revealed by U.N. satellite imagery (WaPo)

Terror suspect challenging NSA spying wants to know how US built his case (StarsAndStripes)

From the Department of Quel SupriseThe West Made Lots of Promises to Afghan Girls, Now It’s Breaking Them (DailyBeast)

China may be hacking every iPhone user in the country (Quartz)




Featured Image Streetcar Tracks by Stephen Rees on Flickr

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  1. I like the use of my picture, the credit and that it links back to the flickr page. I am just not sure which story it illustrates!


    • Hi Stephen! Good to see you.

      For Interwebbed the picture always illustrates the theme of connectedness in some way, usually with a technological angle. So yours was perfect. I usually do a Flickr search for a CC licensed image and liked yours the best, then saw it was by you. That was bonus points for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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