Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 08

Veins of the Tree to the Sky by Alper Orus

Veins of the Tree to the Sky by Alper Orus

And the headlines just keep on coming, kittens! While we were momentarily sidetracked with the buzz around the first-on-then-off tv series based on that Cusack classic Say Anything, the world turned, so did many special agents, and so here we are, at the dawn of a new day with a new pile of links to digest. And here they are!

Is It Possible To Kill Through Internet? (AnonHQ)

Facebook Will Launch an Anonymous App Days After Fighting Fake Names (Valleywag)

Stingray Tracking Devices: Who’s Got Them? (ACLU)

Your MUNI is leaking! (Krebs)

‘They Came to Kill Us’: Yezidi girl fled militants in Iraq (WarIsBoring)

One down, 400,000 to go: Disgraced trader Hixon off to the slammer (NYPost)

Prepare your Aces: Bitcoiners Gearing Up for Sin City Party (Moneybeat)

Become an E-Resident of Estonia! We don’t know what it means either (e-Estonia)

What’s happened since Beijing’s hacker unit was exposed? Nothing (TheRegister)

INTERPOL Washington Spearheads Foreign Terrorist Fighter Info-Sharing Program (HSToday)

Piracy doesn’t impact ticket sales: Rotten Tomatoes does! (TorrentFreak)

Buckingham Palace, illustrious and storied home of the British Empire, the Queen, Prince Philip, and a bunch of randos from Grindr (DailyMail)

World’s 8th richest person faces insider trading trial (Bloomberg)

The Quiet Rise of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (DefenseOne)

EU could sanction US imports in fight over internet privacy (Reuters)

Twitter gives MIT researchers access to every single public tweet (TheVerge)

These US ISIS runaways are getting to be quite a Thing (McClatchy)

You know who doesn’t care about cybersecurity? ISIS, that’s who (USNews)

YOU get a drone! and YOU get a drone! And YOU, Ukraine, you get drones too (ABC)

How the Pentagon thinks about deterring cyberattacks (WaPo)

Drones: turning ordinary people into superheroes (NYMag)

Scenes from Daily Life in the de Facto Capital of ISIS (VF)

The Most Interesting Man in the World Wants Land Mines to Fear Him (FP)

Facebook sues fake ‘like’ sellers for £1.3bn; may go after buyers next (BBC)

Join the Computing for Ebola Challenge (HackerLeague)

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