Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 2

Waves by Filipe Varela on Flickr

Waves by Filipe Varela on Flickr


It’s hump day, kittens! Have you been humping along well so far this week? Terrific. Now get off my leg.

It’s your favorite time of day; no, not beer o’clock. Unless you’re bohemian that way and like to start your day off with a nice heady IPA or something. It’s time for all the cyber and crypto news that’s fit to print and even a significant portion that is not. It’s Interwebbed time!

This is the face of a $100 million hacker (TorStar)

FBI Informant directed hackers to attack 30 countries. Here they are (DailyDot)

Rash of crude ATM hacks hit 17 Malaysian machines, take $1 million (TheStarOnline)

Mass surveillance deceit and Big Brother creep (DaveWaterson)

Famous phone phreak Cap’n Crunch does a Reddit AMA (Reddit)

Secret Service director resigns after failing to kill Obama (Gawker)

The new front of cyberwar: your Hyundai (Forbes)

The Umbrella Revolution and Occupy Central (RevoNews)

Your iPhone is now encrypted, for free, and the FBI hates you (Guardian)

Anonymous engages #OpHongKong (Techworm)

AnonSec claims to have hacked a drone (AnonHQ)

ID Theft Service Customer Gets 27 Months (Krebs)

The rise of the Mini-Drones (c4isrnet)

Careful Grooming = Respectability For Bitcoin (Dealbreaker)

Everything You Need To Know About the GOP’s 2016 Candidates On National Security (DefenseOne)

Facebook apologizes, does SO love drag queens (TheRegister)

Hackers indicted for stealing Apache helicopter training software…for gaming (HelpNetSecurity)

What It Will Take for Computers to Be Conscious (MIT)

UK drops charges against the war critic it jailed for 7 months (TheIntercept)

Reality tv producer blackmailed, space/irony continuum ruptures (Bloomberg)

The Groping General gets to retire with demotion (HamptonRoads)

It’s Pirate vs Pirate in Somali Waters (RealClearDefense)


Featured Image Waves by Felipe Varela on Flickr

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