Weekend Distractions: Cyberflick!

It’s that time (my day off time) so here is a terrific cyberflick for you to watch right here on the site for free.

Today’s selection is Algorithm, a film with mixed reviews, but great geeky cred. Woz liked it, and that’s enough for us. He says, “It’s not about ‘hacking’ per se. It’s about certain people discovering things that they weren’t supposed to and then trying not to be nabbed by powerful forces.”

So, really, something everyone can identify with nowadays.

This is the low-res version. For a high-res version, you can actually see it in theatres, or check out the soundtrack and don’t forget to donate.


See the associated post over on Drinkscoaster.com for the accompanying Whistleblower cocktail, created by Jay Jones, one of the top bartenders in the world.

As with all online video, availability is not guaranteed and if it goes Poof! it goes Poof!

PS: the Guardian has a list of the ten best screen geeks. I’m not convinced, but who doesn’t like a good argument about Big Bang Theory?

Featured image from the movie website

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