Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber News Headlines for July 18

Newstime, kittens! Come gather round and hear all the top news stories of the day in the cyberwar, cryptocurrency, hacker and hacktivism departments. Cybersoup, just like Moms used to make!

Listen along to the HOPE-X Hackers On Planet Earth conference, in NYC right now (HOPE)

If you had almost $12 million, what would you spend it on? We bet it wouldn’t be this (

North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago this weekend (Bitcoin Magazine)

Edward Snowden dropkicks Dropbox (Business Insider) Interestingly just the day before they’re hugely targeted in a massive botnet attack

Chelsea Manning to receive Gender Treatment while in custody (Gawker)

Venerable (yet still effective) bank-hacking software Shylock receives poetic justice at the hands of the police (Sophos)

Everything you ever wanted to know about PIN security, and then some! (Datagenics)

The “Leader of LulzSec” hacks the Shire, pleads out, throws himself on the mercy of the Entmoot (TheRegister)

Snowdenfreude: word of the day! (Foreign Policy)

Spam-distributing trojan Pushdo infects 11,000 machines in 24 hours. Distribution pattern indicates the culprits hate tasty, tasty exotic cuisines (BitDefender)

Enjoy hours of fun with the Rickmote Rickrolling box. Hijack all nearby Google Chromecast video setups with just the touch of a button. When it comes to this classic tune, we’re never gonna give it up (Wired)

Meanwhile, the original Rickroll is MIA! (Mashable)

Flashback time: The inside story of the 2010 NASDAQ hack (Bloomberg)

Can startup Keybase make cryptography as easy to use as Twitter? (Coindesk)

New York neuters Bitcoin, New Jersey rejoices (and slips New York a C note) (Wired)

Data Breach Quickview Report: so, just how bad WAS it in 2013 cybersecurity? PDF report (RiskBasedSecurity)

Should you trust TOR? (Cryptome)


Featured photo of the HAARP transmission array by Saket Vora on Flickr

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