Rallies for imprisoned Anon Matt DeHart Scheduled This Weekend

Free Matt DeHart

Free Matt DeHart

Matt DeHart, a former American drone pilot and soldier and past participant in Anonymous actions, is in prison in Canada, awaiting extradition to the US, which seeks him on child pornography charges, charges he and his family claim are a frame-up straight out of B movies. No such porn has ever been found on any of his electronic devices.

The case is complex and layered, and ongoing, as the Canadian government negotiates with their American counterparts. Supporters are gathering this Saturday at cities across the US and Canada to demand the Canadian government free him from the prison where he has made two apparent suicide attempts. A hearing which will decide to grant or refuse him refugee status will take place on August 20th. If it rules in his favour, he will not be extradited and will be released, free to make a new life in Canada.

The protests are supported by the FreeAnons/Anonymous Solidarity Network, which has called for protests in multiple cities.

A support rally for Matt Dehart will take place in Toronto, ON in front of the United States Consulate General (360 University Ave) at 2pm est on August 16. Our goal is to have another demo outside of the courthouse on August.20th.  A worldwide show of solidarity with Matt in your community at the same time as the Toronto rally would be outstanding.

Emergency Day of Action:

Take to the streets in your city to show your solidarity with Matt DeHart! We are outraged by his torture and false charges by the U.S. government and the secrecy that surrounds this case. We demand that the FBI and United States government be held legally accountable for their actions. We also demand that the Canadian government say “no” to Matt’s extradition and grant him asylum in Canada. It is crucial that these demands be heard before Matt’s refugee hearing on August 20th.


Matt DeHart is a 30 year-old hacktivist and former soldier from the U.S. who is currently jailed in Lindsay, ON.  Matt was tortured by the FBI in August, 2010 while being interrogated about his alleged connections to Anonymous, Wikileaks, and a Russian spy ring as part of a national security investigation. Matt went to Canada seeking asylum in April, 2013 but due to false charges in the U.S., obtaining asylum has been a difficult process. He is being held at Maplehurst Correctional Facility while he awaits his legal fate, which could include extradition to the U.S. to continue what Matt describes as physical and emotional torture. This is unacceptable and illegal.

Image via YourAnonGlobal on Twitter

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