Shot of the day: James Bay (Cyber) Cafe

Cyber cafes: They actually still exist! Steffani Cameron snapped this shot of Victoria, BC favourite James Bay Coffee and Books two weeks ago. It’s odd that a cyber anything would be retro, but that’s a side effect of living on internet… Read More ›

Crypto Currently: July 15, 2014

Daily roundup of cryptocurrency prices, expressed in US dollars: Bitcoin $618.00 holding roughly steady around the 615 mark via Coinbits Litecoin $8.65751 with strong gains over the weekend via Coinbits Dogecoin $0.00024853 via Dogepay If you’d like to nominate another cryptocurrency for… Read More ›

Who we are

It’s simple. Short and sweet cyber and crypto news for the whole family! The Cryptosphere aims to put into plain English the crazy, crazy, mixed-up world of hackers, hacktivism, cyberwar, cryptocurrency, leakers, spies, viruses, trojans, worms, and John McAfee, who… Read More ›