Cyber-Panic! The (Surveillance) State of the Union

This is our second guest post by Joe Fionda, actor and activist. President Obama is set to go before congress for the State of the Union and argue for reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). He will… Read More ›

Terrorism Works

This powerful article is re-posted with permission from Hamilton Nolan.  It originally appeared on Gawker. This is HamNo’s second article on the Cryptosphere. Terrorism persists because terrorism works. Terrorism works because we let it. It takes a great deal of… Read More ›

Happy Birthday Chelsea

Happy 27th Birthday to American whistleblower and hero (or traitor; opinions vary although this one is wrong) Chelsea Manning. It’s a birthday Manning celebrates in custody, as she has every birthday of the last four; she can anticipate many more,… Read More ›