Target List from the IT Army of Ukraine for May 11

Zelenskyy doesn't need an election poster, he's going to run unopposed
Zelenskyy doesn’t need an election poster, he’s going to run unopposed

This is a mirror of the Telegram channel of the IT Army of Ukraine, their cyber force, which posts new target lists for cyber assaults against Russia each day, along with media updates and tips and tools. Give me a few days and I’ll get the previous ones up, appropriately backdated. Each morning I share these announcements on Twitter with the #Anonymous hashtag and, if I remember, #OpRussia, #SlavaUkraini, and #Ukraine tags as well.

It’s a fascinating exercise: this is the first time I’m aware that a government has called on the people of the world to join its official cyber force in a war against an aggressor. And I’ve heard through the grapevine that the FBI has given hacktivists the unofficial all-clear as long as only Russian targets are attacked, although it’s always best to get that sort of thing in writing, especially from the FBI. Ask any of the people who’ve been interviewed on this website.

Here we go! Text that follows is from ITAU. Formatting by The Cryptosphere.

Друзі, вчора ви чудово попрацювали!

Як бачимо імпортозаміщення в ІТ на рф проходить невдало. Rutube пішов на дно за кораблем. Так відправимо за ним й інші скрєпні аналоги західних сервісів! Публікуємо першу частину. І не забувайте тримати “ЕГАИС”:

Нагадуємо, що інструкції по атакам та іншу інформацію ви можете знайти на нашому сайті:

You did a great job yesterday!

Obviously, import substitution in tech doesn’t work well in Russia. Rutube (a local imitation of Youtube) followed the lead of the Russian warship. So let’s send other Russian replications of Western services in the same direction! Below is the first batch of targets. And don’t forget to keep “EGAIS”:

Just a quick reminder that attacks guidelines and other information can be found on our website: (21/tcp, 22/tcp, 25/tcp, 53/udp, 80/tcp, 110/tcp, 143/tcp, 443/tcp, 465/tcp, 587/tcp, 993/tcp, 995/tcp, 1500/tcp) (22/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp) (25/tcp, 53/udp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp, 465/tcp, 587/tcp, 2222/tcp) (25/tcp, 53/udp) (25/tcp, 53/udp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp, 2222/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp)

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  1. I don’t & won’t support Zelensky, the puppet of the US & a clown! Remember in 2014 when Victoria Nuland went to Ukraine. She went to start this war against Russia, rolling. I see-through the US/NATO BS & I’d never support these actions, against Russia. Research why Russia attacked, in the 1st place. The 1st shot came from the Ukraine Military–statement from a witness. There are others–including Brits & Us who went to help fight in Ukraine & what they have to see is no praise of Zelensky’s intentions/actions!


    • Honestly, I think you’re full of shit, Linda. I hope the ruble crashes again so your puppet master can’t afford you anymore. But, he’ll probably die of thyroid cancer first.

      I’m in direct touch with several Americans, Canadians, and Ukrainians both civilian and military who are in Ukraine and fighting Russia, and you’re flat-out lying. Zelenskyy himself is on Telegraph posting almost constantly, so you can just SEE what he’s doing. Twelve times today alone.

      Here is the link for anyone who wants to follow Zelenskyy on Telegram:

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      • Nope. I don’t Lie. It’s a waste of precious energy.I trust my instincts. I’m an Observer & we see things that others miss; but, you keep swallowing the BS, that’s your right.


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