Nikola Tesla, the brilliant inventor who avoided all stimulants except for alcohol

GASP! Tesla was a teetotaler? Our love for him just suffered a potentially mortal blow.

Oh wait, we just re-read that. He drank alcohol (which is a depressant, not a stimulant) but avoided caffeine.

D’oh, now we’re right back to “I don’t know if I can live with this.” Cue Journey.

Source: Nikola Tesla, the brilliant inventor who avoided all stimulants except for alcohol

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  1. He had severe OCD (his documented “mandatory process before eating thing…. etc) and probably other autistic-spectrum and possibly bipolar-spectrum issues. And nobody knew much about that stuff at the time and it wasn’t his field of research, poor guy. I’m glad I live now.


  2. Alcohol isn’t a stimulant, its a depressant. Like its the completely opposite thing.


      • No, you and the other single-digit IQ are both incorrect. I’m willing to bet you instead think the brain-killing, intelligence-destroying, flavor of the century, dope plant known as marijuana is a stimulant and magical brain builder instead. I’d love to hear what Tesla would have had to say about that shrub because it would not have been pretty, and it assuredly would have correctly placed alcohol far above marijuana in terms of safeness and harmlessness to the body, if used properly.

        I can’t go too far into fact because no one has the brains or attention span anymore, but the reason marijuana causes such temporary starvation is due to the massive mineral and chemical depletion it taxes upon the body, which is also why dopers rot into stupid and smelly balls of puke and piss before middle age if they can manage to will and caffeinate themselves that far without killing themselves or someone else.

        Your modern education has failed you, no surprise. So, de facto, you believe alcohol is some toxic poison when in reality it is nothing more than fermented sugar. It is crosses the blood-brain barrier so you can feel out exactly how much is in your system, and how much you should or shouldn’t have, unlike most other substances. It is scary that modern people cannot put 2+2 together when it is rudimentary, grade-school thinking, yet they mush all complicated yet unprovable and nonsensical learned “fact” into gray-area, figuratively and literally, that never sees the light of the slightest introspection or rationale.

        It is also, long lost to whatever generation you are in, historically established fact that small amounts of alcohol are necessary as brain fuel, not refined sugar and carbohydrates as the modern world would have us all believe, and alcohol helps keep the body sterile. This fact rings truer in current days more than ever, as we have more parasites and disease in the world now than ever. And, with modern political religions leading everyone to think taking man-made pharmaceutical drugs and sitting on their behinds on a sofa smoking dope all day is somehow healthy and normal, it is no wonder. This is also why “hillbillies” in the rural of all areas of the U.S., for example, are often so unusually street smart, happy, cognitively and emotionally intact, jacks of all trades, and quick-witted for most if not all of their lives compared to others. They are what modern fools would call “drunks”, correctly “drinkers”.


        • That’s a whole lotta defensive verbiage, and not a whole lotta fact, ain’t it?


        • I don’t know where to start with your stupidity.A person with alcoholism has an allergy to it, yet there is a biological craving set up.The economic losses from booze alone are staggering, absenteeism, car wrecks, murders and assaults.Alcohol is a poison.That’s why it’s used to disinfect.


  3. kids replicate his experiments with ease. Kindergarten science. Now Einstein holds up could teach class today.


    • @jackie
      Do kids run a million volts through their bodies? Invent tuned radio, which required pioneering experimenting? Invent radio control boats, ditto on the experimenting? Invent the first physical AND logic gate, ditto? Invent a power distribution system based on A/C, ditto? Patent VTOL aircraft? Experiment with wireless lighting and power? I thought not. As with Tesla’s Egg of Columbus demo, there is the quote associated with the original egg experiment in that it is easy to regard a hitherto tricky puzzle once you know, and Tesla made that easier for future generations, which demonstrates his usefulness and significance. Meanwhile, you got to love Einstein, because so much of the general public don’t know what impact his work has or indeed does not have on their daily lives! E=MC2? How will that power my city or home? How does that work with the radio technology in my phone? In the ‘real world’, where most people live, the impact of Tesla’s work on humankind is worthy.


    • You’re right, “kids”. That’s because with the mindless and gutless modern religion of inseparable left and right-wing, stupidity and void-worshiping, establishment-educated, and intelligence and decency-destroying futility, everyone is indeed a kid. Adulthood now seems to somewhat peak in the mid 20s and disappear into the 30s before middle-age privileged arrives.

      Kids, who in their play world of media-fueled and government-sponsored and school-created retardation, apparently have the imagined intelligence to knock a man with an IQ nearly triple theirs and a lifetime of accomplishment and achievement that trumps the last 10 entire generations of their worker-bee sheeple family.

      Now, the only requirement and basis for deemed intelligence is how much bs from high school and college did one absorb, and in how fast and convincing of a manner can they quickly yet brainlessly regurgitate it on demand like an abandoned child starving for attention and gratification.

      You want something that won’t “hold up”? Your college degree won’t hold up in 5 years when the market proves High School graduates and maybe even more so High School dropouts are better workers instead of the incompetent, politically correct, pothead, pill-popping losers that come out of college. The 21st century and its first generation shall prove the more schooling one receives, the more the arrogant and pompous nonsense and lack of basic sense and intelligence said person has.


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