Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for May 4

May the 4th via Walter Wolf on Facebook

May the 4th via Walter Wolf on Facebook

Welcome to Malware Monday, kittens! Don’t worry, we’re going to run out of these catchy, alliterative, and totally arbitrary keywords soon, but in the meantime, let’s get a fresh cup of java and prepare for the work week. It promises to be…fraught.

Reporting from the scene? That’s two days in a Baltimore cell, yup. We can’t have the press running around, free and stuff (Guardian)

Snow Fort of Doom! Project Iceworm, Camp Century, Project Fistclench, and the secret American plan to turn Greenland into radioactive Swiss cheese. Plus the lost nuke, but that comes later… (DamnInteresting)

Cost obsessions around the world, as revealed by Google autocomplete. I want to go to the country where the #1 result is Parasailing, but your mileage may vary. Russia’s is “to fly a MIG,” which is more badass than I expected. Then again, I expected something like “making condoms out of old Yugo tires” or “website for marry rich Americans and get hell out of here.” (Fixr)

One arrest, two videos, CNN and RT tell completely different stories about the same arrest in Baltimore. Watch the videos and judge for yourself. And repeat after me: “Objective journalism” is a self-serving and insidious lie. (TheFreeThoughtProject)

Granted bail after 13 years in custody, Omar Khadr will have to fight the government one more time, as Ottawa seeks a stay of proceedings, ie a suspension of the authority of the judge’s ruling. (TorStar)

ACLU launches free cop-monitoring app. Among other functions, it lists your legal rights in an easy to read manner. The most interesting thing about it is that it allows you to video the cops and stream it directly to the ACLU, bypassing possible tampering or deletion by police. (HackRead)

From the Department of There’s An App For That: Learning Klingon (NPR)

Dear Captain, if your Boeing 787 is experiencing complete control failure and you are plummeting from the sky like a brick attached to an anvil tied to an anchor, well, have you tried turning it off and on again? The least-reassuring PDF the FAA has ever released (FAA)

The Dark Prince of Blackwater debates the question of whether his employees are mercenaries or heroes. Guess which of the two he picks! (MillerCenter)

During the May Day protests Montreal police teargassed a passing car, it burst into flames, and then stood by doing nothing as the family inside was rescued by protesters. The family is now in hospital. (Facebook)

Drone defence DIY for around $10. How to homebrew an anti-drone system that lets you seize control, by hacking satellite GPS signals (TheDailySheeple)

Anonymous hacktivists use a simple SQL injection to bust open the database of the World Trade Organization, release emails, passwords, usernames, phone numbers, and more. So, if you’re really into white guys in suits, your little black book just got a lot thicker. (HackRead)

What happens when you make it cheaper to kill people slowly than to save them? You get this: Killer Pharmacy: Inside a Medical Mass Murder Case (Newsweek)

Revenge of the nerd: 15-year-old would-be hacker tries, fails, to hack his school’s grading system. So Young Einstein here decides to set the computer lab on fire. Hey, emo’s not dead, people. But it never belonged in the gifted class in the first place (TechWorm)

Tracking gas pump skimmers with GPS: a how-to for police departments and really, really vindictive gas station owners (Krebs)

Can MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative actually take Bitcoin mainstream? Well, is MIT mainstream? Right then, that’s settled. (Coindesk)

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