“Fuck #Anonymous, I’m at Spa Castle,” New Vine of Hector “Sabu” Monsegur Generates Outrage

When the hate-click train comes in, everybody rides. So far, more than 2300 have viewed this train wreck.

As the Daily Dot has discovered over the past week of #OperationDestroyDailyDot aka #OpDDD, sometimes being an object of loathing is quite as good for stats as being the object of reverence. Hate clicks are just as bankable as love clicks, and might be more predictable.

A perfect example of this is former Vice journalist Dan Stuckey’s newest Vine, featuring legendary snitch Sabu, aka Hector X. Monsegur, the Daily Dot’s newest reviewer. It features Monsegur and Stuckey soaking apparently naked in a tub together.

“I’m with Dan Stuckey. Fuck Anonymous. We’re at fuckin’ Spa Castle. Expect my review soon, bitches!”

You might remember Stuckey as the former @YourAnonNews contributor who took Monsegur to the Vice 20th anniversary party as his plus one, posing for a couple of equally hate-click-baiting photos. He later deleted the “Selfie heard round the world,” but the official party photo remains online, and Anonymous neither forgives nor forgets anything. But they do provide them when journalists don’t have a copy to hand, eg the selfie photo from the Vice party:

Sabu Hector Monsegur and Dan Stuckey at the Vice party

Sabu Hector Monsegur and Dan Stuckey at the Vice party

As mentioned in our previous articles on #OpDDD, there is no one more robustly and universally hated within the Anonymous collective than Monsegur, who worked as an FBI informant for three years while also acting as de facto leader of LulzSec and AntiSec. Without him, those hacktivist crews would in all likelihood never have been caught; they are most famous for the Stratfor Leaks, in which Jeremy Hammond penetrated security contractor Stratfor and released over three million emails. Journalist Barrett Brown is in prison for the next four years, partly as a result of linking to those files in an internet chat.

Sabu Hector Monsegur and Dan Stuckey hot tubbing

Sabu Hector Monsegur (center) and Dan Stuckey (right) hot tubbing

We have not verified that the Vine (and associated selfies) was in fact taken at Spa Castle, previously famous for the dead body floating in its hot tub, but see no reason to disbelieve him.

Although there’s that track record…


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  1. Hate clicks are powering us to our best day ever in terms of hits! Everybody loves to hate Sabu!


  2. Why can’t we all get along, crazy and use our messages for good. It’s just a shame is all. People have to hate, don’t hate, congratulate or say nothing. Majority of them people are silent for a reason, why don’t we ask them why. Lol



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