Interwebbed: Top Cyber and Crypto Headlines for September 23 and 24

Rainbow Contrail by Sean Stayte on Flickr

Rainbow Contrail by Sean Stayte on Flickr

Welcome to our late afternoon double-stacked linkdump. The Cryptosphere has finally moved into the new offices, shared with an unnamed community radio station, and they are swank indeed. I could podcast to my heart’s content with this setup, if it weren’t heavy on the Sarah McLachlan and lite on the Nine Inch Nails. But you can’t beat the price.

Anyhoodles, we have an extra-rich link roundup for you. Be sure and read our Cirque du Soleil drone performance art post as well; it’s amazing.

To the links!


Company tracks each NSA visitor by using their public geo-tag information (CyberwarNews) breeched! (Techworm)

400,000 people marched against climate change. Mainstream media ignored it (HigherPerspective)

The FBI seeks celebrity noodz (SecurityWeek)

EVERYONE seeks Emma Watson’s legendary nudes (EmmaYoureNext)

I bought a tank AND YOU CAN TOO (WarIsBoring)

Study finds billionaires hoard wealth, don’t invest it. (DigitalJournal)

A $9.3 million dollars for weapons smuggling racket (AnonHQ)

Financial cyberwar keeps bankers up at night (Newsmax)

Where James Bond goes shopping (DangerousThings)

Help Captain Crunch! (Qikfunder)

PACER will undo the censorship it committed in August (WaPo)

MIT fights lawsuit by government trolls seeking Bitcoin mining code (Wired)

Blackenergy is malware as cyberwar tool (SCMagazine)

The Military wants to know why you believe what you believe (DefenseOne)

An estimated 100 radicalized Americans are back in the US (TheHill)

Active, Reserve Components Spar Over ‘Sexy’ Cyber Mission (ArmyTimes)

Build a face-recognizing safe with a Raspberry Pi (Lifehacker)

The Social Media Unrest Project (Cyberwarzone)

The solace of oblivion: The Right to be Forgotten (NewYorker)

Greatest Conman of all time thinks Bitcoin is the greatest scam of all time (NationalJournal)

What the hell are “Tax Inversions” anyway? (FT)

Meet the Khorasan Group (AP)

Three Afghani soldiers try to defect to Canada (CapeCodTimes)

The Arab War on Terror (FP)

Wells Fargo fined for insider trading (FT)

DHS wastes $1 billion of your tax dollars (HSToday)

The legalities of throwing your own citizens out of the country (FAS) PDF!

New High Frequency Trading not as fast, but less insider-tradingy (Dealbreaker)


Featured Image Rainbow Contrail by Sean Stayte on Flickr

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  1. So does this mean you now have Wi-Fi so you can keep the spam down?

    Just in time ahead of the rain showers – good work


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